How to Stop Looking at Porn


Learn the skill of not looking at porn.

Also learn how to:




Let me show you a way that works.

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I'll Show You How To:

Reduce your desire to look at porn

Claim your power

Live with less guilt/shame

Find your confidence

Learn to trust yourself

Manage your mind

Feel worthy

Create success

Live a life free from porn

WITHOUT going to therapy

WITHOUT calling yourself an addict

WITHOUT going to 12 steps meetings

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"The program has affected me in a positive way. I have learned to master my urges and have power over them. They don’t control me anymore. My level of control has gone from not knowing how to control it to having complete focus and understanding of what is happening."

James A.
Master Your Urges

"My biggest challenge was thinking that I was never going to recover from porn or masturbation. I felt hopeless, powerless, and worthless.” After working with Danny, I feel like a new person. I am much happier. I realize now that my thoughts were holding me back. Once I changed my thoughts, I felt better about myself, I did things that were more productive, and that resulted in no porn or masturbation and a healthier mindset."

Porn-Free and Much Happier

"Pornography and masturbation was my biggest problem and I felt like it wasn't something I could overcome. My understanding of my thoughts and thought process really changed. I started looking at myself as a project that I needed to work on rather than as something broken. Do it, if you apply the principles it will help a ton."

Stop Feeling "Broken"

"Became very cognizant of negative frames that I had of myself. Generally feel that I’m totally in control of my feelings by changing my thoughts now. Haven’t had any depression spells at all since some big breakthroughs 2/3 of the way through the coaching schedule. This method will lead you to be happy and emotionally healthy if you want to change."

Less Depression Spells. More Breakthroughs.

"My biggest challenge was not being able to process the urge to look at pornography and pornography made me feel shame. After working with Danny, I was able to process urges much better as well as eliminate the shame associated with the urges. I now have my own back. Do it. Danny is an excellent coach. He knows his stuff and can help you through any challenge you bring up."

Jim B.
Less Shame. Learn to Process Urges.

Stop Looking at Porn and Allow Yourself to...

Enrich your life

How good would your real life need to be to make the fantasy of porn completely irrelevant?

Intentionally heal

Instead of just taking pain pills (porn) for your broken arm, let's go in and set the bone so it can really heal (causal coaching).

Sustainably create

Add more fun and more ease to this process.

Learn to enjoy your future more than your past.


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