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It This Describes You, You Really Do Want to Talk to Me Live



You want to not want porn

You want to believe a life free from pornography is possible

You try hard

You've seen some success

But you feel stuck

You are ready for a change

But you don't know what's next

You feel tired and frustrated

You're losing motivation

You're feeling less and less confident

You want next-level success

You want to feel excited about your future again

How a Talk with Me (Free Consultation) Works:

  • I ask you about where you are at and what you need
  • You ask me any of your questions
  • I tell you about my coaching program
  • No pressure. No obligation.
  • Either way, you end up with a clearer picture of your next step to get where you want to be.
  • 15-40 minutes
  • Live video call through Zoom
  • Completely Confidential (I was a dentist. With HIPPA, I was literally trained in confidentiality)
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I'm ready for some help

What a past client says to those on the fence:

"The reason you are looking for help with porn is because you need help with porn. So long as you are willing to put in the time between calls, Danny can help you."    -S.

I Want to Talk
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The things I have learned from [Danny] and have implemented have made all the difference in my recovery. These things don't just apply to porn and masturbation they also apply to life in general. This is well worth the time and cost!”

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