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Hi! And Welcome!

First time asking for help?

Already tried other things that haven't worked?

Supporting someone struggling?

Member of the Church of Jesus Christ?

I have some videos for each one of you.

But start with this one.

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Not My 1st Rodeo

Tried therapy.

Tried 12 steps.

Tried other things.

“Nothing has worked.”

This doesn’t mean nothing will work.

Your goals really are within your reach.

Watch this video.

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Mike S.

After working with me:

"My biggest challenge was just crossing the finish line. I felt stalled right at the end of the race and couldn't seem to get there on my own.

I have a much better story to tell myself about addiction, which has lead to a dramatic reduction in urges for porn. I say without hyperbole, that I feel free from addiction."

Scale of 1-10, How in control are you now with porn/masturbation? “9.9999998 :)”


1st Timer. Newbie.

Scared to talk about it? I get it.

“Gotta keep the secret!” I've been there.

This is a big deal to you.

Think something’s wrong with you?

You are not broken.

You can do this.

Watch this video.

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My biggest challenge was thinking that I was never going to recover from porn or masturbation. I felt hopeless, powerless, and worthless.”

After working with me: “I feel like a new person. I am much happier. I realize now that my thoughts were holding me back. Once I changed my thoughts, I felt better about myself, I did things that were more productive, and that resulted in no porn or masturbation and a healthier mindset.


What Do I Do Next?

You are where you are for a really good reason.

But what’s your next step?

One small transformation at a time.

This could be perfect for you.

Find out your next step.

Watch this video.

Email me with any questions: [email protected]

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For Members of the Church of Jesus Christ

  • Going on a mission.
  • Return missionary.
  • Priesthood holder.
  • Temple marriage.
  • Father.
  • Prominent calling.
  • On a mission.
  • Learn to trust yourself.
  • Learn to not feel so much guilt/shame
  • Turn this struggle into your greatest teacher.

Watch this video.


Spouse, Parent, or Supporter of Loved One Struggling

Loved one struggling.

Feel powerless to help them.

"Not sure I can be okay until he puts a stop to this once and for all."

Learn to support him and you.

Feel empowered whether he changes or not.

Maybe you’re the one paying.

Watch this video.

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It This Describes You, You Really Do Want to Talk to Me Live



You want to not want porn

You want to believe a life free from pornography is possible

You try hard

You've seen some success but you feel stuck

You are ready for a change

But you don't know what's next

You're tired of the shame and guilt

You're losing motivation

You're feeling less and less confident

You want to learn to trust yourself again

You want to feel excited about your future again

How a Talk with Me (Free Consultation) Works:

  • I ask you about where you are at and what you need
  • You ask me any of your questions
  • I tell you about my coaching program
  • No pressure. No obligation.
  • Either way, you end up with a clearer picture of your next step to get where you want to be.
  • 30-45 minutes. I block out 1 hour in case you have questions at the end
  • Live video call through Zoom
  • Completely Confidential (I was a dentist. With HIPPA, I was literally trained in confidentiality)

Email me with any questions: [email protected]

"I'm ready for some help."


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Schedule a Free Consultation Now

What a past client says to those on the fence:

"The reason you are looking for help with porn is because you need help with porn. So long as you are willing to put in the time between calls, Danny can help you."    -S.

I Want to Schedule a Free Consult Right Away
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The things I have learned from [Danny] and have implemented have made all the difference in my recovery. These things don't just apply to porn and masturbation they also apply to life in general. This is well worth the time and cost!”


Not Ready For One-on-One Coaching But Want to Stay Informed

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Email me with any questions: [email protected]

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