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For us, having a coach made all the difference in getting to that next level of healing and fulfillment.

Not just successfully stopping looking at porn, but making our marriage relationship and our relationships with ourselves more what we wanted them to be.

This coaching method can help you make it so much better.

People we've worked with are saying the same thing.

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Sarita Payne

Danny and Lindsay’s bravery is just what the world needs more of. Thank you for shedding light on this topic and dissipating the shame!

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Rachel Siebke

Lindsay and Danny are such a loving example of how to move through the humanness of marriage, distrust, shame, guilt but also joy, love, and acceptance.

This show is shedding light on topics that tend to be taboo. In the light, shame can not thrive.

I am so in love with the message that Lindsay shares - how to be okay regardless of whether he does or doesn’t stop, whether you decide to stay or go.

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Missy Dolopa

Talking about pornography and unhappy feelings in marriage is hard. Danny and Lindsey make this dialogue feel natural and open. They are teaching listeners how to have productive thought patterns and open hearts and minds, with ourselves and our spouses. They go all in, sharing their journey, which is why it’s so helpful and relatable.

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