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Disregulation or Conscious Consumption? Which One is it For You?

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2024

Overusing pornography has to do with buffering.

Buffering is to use something external to try to change how we feel internally. In other words, trying to escape uncomfortable feelings. 

It’s the perfect solution for an overstimulated society.


Many of us live inside a disregulated body and a racing mind. This is the result of compounding stress and trauma that leads to overstimulation.

Our culture doesn’t understand the nervous system. This just becomes our normal.


A majority of adults didn’t learn how to self soothe.

Self soothing is learned in our developmental years. 

These developmental years play the groundwork for how we cope with uncomfortable emotions and stress as adults. 


Porn becomes a normalized way of coping because it:

  •  increases dopamine (“feel good chemical”) in an unnatural, concentrated way
  •  distracts from uncomfortable emotions and the sensations of stress
  •  if joined with masturbation can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce fight or flight
  •  orgasm releases endorphins which are natural painkillers and give that “magic feeling”


Mainstream media, for many decades, has depicted porn use as something expected, normal, and just part of life. As though you can’t do life without it.

Hiding the truth about the negative effects that uncontrolled porn use can have on individuals, brain health, sexual function, and families. 

Hiding the truth that it affects our brain & dopamine receptors in unnatural ways.


In the future, as we understand the impact of pornography, it will be less normalized in society. It will be seen less as a “normal” thing and more people will actually look to their unique relationship to pornography. 

The future will involve: conscious consumption.


Of course, pornography is a personal choice. And for some, perhaps, it has no impact at all.

For others, pornography becomes a part of their shame cycle, cravings are chronic, and they can only feel good in their bodies after getting off to porn.


If this is you, you’re not alone. It makes sense that you would seek comfort and soothing. Research on porn/masturbation also shows it can activate parts of our brain associated with attachment (oxytocin).

After years of isolation, this also makes sense.


How do YOU feel about porn use in your own life? 

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