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Here's the True You

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2023

You are not your porn habit.


You can be worthy and view porn at the same time.


You can be whole and complete and view porn at the same time.


Who you truly are is something pornography cannot diminish or touch.


Porn is something you’ve experienced. It is not you.

If it is not you, then what does that mean for you?


It means: 

  • you can stop doing it. 
  • You can move beyond it. 
  • You can expand past it. 
  • You can grow through it. 
  • You can let it go of it. 
  • You can experience life without it.


You are forever. Porn is not.


You are always expanding and growing. Porn just sits there.


Your joy and worthiness can coexist with pornography.


It’s easier to let go of porn when you stop attaching it to your joy and worthiness.


If you are infinite and porn is just a temporary thing. What do you want your life to be?

What do you want your experience with (or without) porn to be from here on out?



You Are Not Your Brain

You have a brain, but you are not your brain.


Your brain has accidentally been trained to overdesire porn.


You can train your brain to no longer desire pornography.


Even just reducing that desire makes quitting a porn habit for good easy and doable.


Your brain’s learned urges for porn are not you.


Use the true you to call the shots.


Use the true you to learn how to retrain your brain.


You can train your brain to work in line with what the TRUE-YOU wants.


Keep practicing.


Keep showing up with effective tools/methods and it’s just a matter of time.


Come learn these tools/methods in the Chain Breaker Coaching Program.


Learn how to quit porn for good.


Retraining your brain in this way can be a fun, simple, joyful, and a love-filled process.


That’s what we’re all about.


What does the true you want?


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