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If Don't Change Something, P*rn on Christmas 2024?

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2023

Which of These 2 Types of People Are You?

Are you the kind of person who keeps trying the same thing expecting different results?

Or are you the kind of person willing to take decisive new action, with new inputs that lead to new results?

Your habits, your feelings, your behavior, your results, 

It all starts with learned thought patterns.

If you don’t learn new thinking, then at Christmas 2024:

  • Same thinking
  • Same decisions
  • Same old results.
  • Hiding up in your room on Dec. 25 viewing porn on your new tablet and masturbating

When I say to use Thought Work to learn new thinking,

Some people think this just means to stop thinking about porn whenever you notice thoughts about porn.  

No. This is not what I mean.

For new results/behavior, you’ll need to change the way (the manner in which) you think about porn.

You’ll need to change your thinking around several subjects, including: 

  • failure, 
  • learning, 
  • progress, 
  • yourself, 
  • commitment, 
  • feelings (including urges/cravings) and the way you feel them (or try to escape them)

If you just try to stop thinking about porn, that’s like cutting the top of a weed off, but the roots are still there and they grow back.

Changing the way you think in all these areas is like pulling out the roots of a bunch of the weeds.

So that the weeds don’t just keep growing back in the same way, in the same place, again, and again, 

and again, 

and again, 


Haven’t you had enough of that?

This will take some repetition and some practice, to create new neural pathways in your brain.

And to unlearn the old ones that have kept you stuck to begin with.

Come join the Chain Breaker Coaching Program (view 1 on 1 or group coaching options/pricing by clicking link below) today.

Give yourself an early Christmas Present for Christmas 2024 by learning this process today.

New input. New results.

Old input, waiting till the time is right.

New input, deciding now that now is the time.

Let’s do this.

We're ready for you.

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