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It Worked So Well I Didn't Want to Do It

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2020

While going through the process of eliminating porn from my life. I created a 2-minute Brain-Changer for myself to review each day and when having urges, if needed.

Basically it consisted of a summary of all the Thought Work I had done (through self coaching and being coached). A summary of my most important thought work practice and insights into my own brain.

A powerful tool!

Too Powerful

I remember having an urge at one point and thinking about reading over my brain changer. But part of me didn't want to.

I thought to myself, "I don't want to read that, because then I won't want to look at porn right now."

I noticed this thinking and laughed to myself. It makes me laugh to look back at it now.

I realized that I knew it worked in this backward sort of way.

The point is: Thought Work, the Model, and coaching work.

Hand it Over

You may be saying, "Well then, Danny, give me your 2-minute Brain Changer" so I can use it to stop looking at porn.

My 2-minute Brain Changer wouldn't help you. You need to create your own. Tailor-fit to your own brain.

One thought at a time.

I can show you how.

It Works. Period.

Don't just take it from me, take it from the testimonials of these two clients:

John Says:

“My biggest challenge was thinking that I was never going to recover from porn or masturbation. I felt hopeless, powerless, and worthless.”

After working with me: “I feel like a new person. I am much happier. I realize now that my thoughts were holding me back. Once I changed my thoughts, I felt better about myself, I did things that were more productive, and that resulted in no porn or masturbation and a healthier mindset.”

He says to those on the fence: “I would say it's ultimately their choice, but the things I have learned from him and have implemented have made all the difference in my recovery. These things don't just apply to porn and masturbation they also apply to life in general. This is well worth the time and cost!”

Mike S. Says:

"My biggest challenge was just crossing the finish line. I felt stalled right at the end of the race and couldn't seem to get there on my own."

After working with me: "I have a much better story to tell myself about addiction, which has lead to a dramatic reduction in urges for porn. I say without hyperbole, that I feel free from addiction."

Scale of 1-10, How in control are you now with porn/masturbation? “9.9999998 :)”

He says to those on the fence: The reason you are looking for help with porn is because, you need help with porn. So long as you are willing to put in the time between calls, Danny can help you.

What are the 3 most useful things you learned in this program?

  1. "How much power I gave porn/my addiction.
  2. How often my model/feelings are optional
  3. How capable I am"

"But I'm Special"

I used to think this way. "Maybe this would work for someone else. But not for me. My problem is 'special'. I'm extra broken."

Thinking this way didn't get me anywhere useful. And I realized it was a choice whether to think this way or not.

If you have a human brain, this process works.

So come and join us other humans and let's build a future together where we are collectively happier, more in control than ever, and able to sustainably create. 

To create in ways that utilize your unique abilities. That is the part about you that actually is special.

Need help learning the users' manual for your brain?
Check out my How to Stop Looking at Porn Program by scheduling a free consultation with me. Find out more about a consultation: click here.

And, as always, feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions or just to connect.


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