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Quit Pornography For Good Using This Scientific Experiment

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2024

To Effectively Quit Porn For Good, You Need to Understand This Scientific Principle


Okay, we’re talking about:

  1. Pavlov’s dogs
  2. Two parts of your brain to be aware of
  3. How to be both the scientist (trainer) and the dog


And even if you’ve heard of Pavlov’s Dogs before, I’m going to share with you a twist that a lot of you maybe haven’t heard.


This is a famous experiment that you’ll find in a lot of college text books, especially psychology books.


Pavlov is the name of a scientist who did this experiment with some dogs.


It’s about conditioned, or learned, behavior in the brains of dogs.


Side note: as humans, a simple way to think about it is that we have 2 parts of our brain involved: 

  • the lower part of our brain is kind of dog-like (very unconscious and automatic). 
  • And The upper part is the part that makes us human (conscious, where we think on purpose).


The Steps of the Experiment

  • Ring a bell.
  • Bring the dog a treat right after.
  • Repeat many times.
  • Dopamine from treat tells brain to expect treat when bell rings.
  • Dog starts salivating when hearing the bell because dog’s brain is no helping to prepare to eat and digest the treat it is expecting.
  • Dog’s do not naturally salivate when they hear bells.
  • In this case, dog learns to salivate upon hearing a bell ring.
  • This is the conditioned/learned response.
  • Dogs only have an automatic brain, not a conscious one.



Here’s the part that I learned later that i thought was so cool:

They also learned to not salivate.

  • The scientist kept ringing the bell but brining no treat after the bell ring.
  • The dogs brain stopped associating that bell-ring with the treat.
  • This was repeated many times.
  • The dog stopped salivating when hearing the bell ring.


And even cooler: 

they unlearned way faster than they learned (this applies to you too).


And even cooler-er:

this is similar to a pornography habit. 


What are your bells?

Could be a certain time of day, or emotion, or seeing something.


What is it for you?

Some people will say:

  • When i’m stressed about work
  • When I’m alone 
  • After a conflict with someone 
  • Late at night
  • When I’m tired


Important point: Don't Try to Skip the Reconditioning


IF Pavlov stuck the dogs on an island for 5 years, after they’d already learned to salivate when hearing a bell. And there are no bells on the island.


And they didn’t get to go through that process of reconditioning their brain. 


Then when they come back to the mainland and hear a bell, they are likely to still salivate.


Don't make this mistake yourself


Whereas, if you do it like in the experiment, you have them continue to hear bells on purpose, without bringing the treat, and their brains get to unlearn that response. 


Their brain is like “oh, i guess we don’t expect food now when we hear a bell, so no need to salivate.”


It’s the same thing with our own brains and our own conditioned responses with porn.


Your automatic urges are the salivating.


You were not born wanting to view porn after feeling stressed about work.


You taught your brain to do that.


And you can un-teach it.



Went without pornography for a while and then went back to it?


For a lot of people, they have these stretches of time where maybe they were really busy, and just didn’t deal with urges for porn as much. 


Or a lot of my Mormon clients go on a 2 year mission and have no issue and then come back home without all the structure and busy-ness and it’s an issue again. 


Now you understand what's going on here. 


So since you are human and have these 2 parts of your brain, you get to be both:

  • the dog (lower brain) and 
  • the scientist who retrains the dog (upper brain 


Don't Avoid the Bells

Your brain has been rewarded with the dopamine that comes from porn use in many different types of situations, or in response to certain feelings, or environments, or whatever.


So what we want to do is actually have you continue to hear the bells. 


Continue to be in those situations, continue to have those urges, and not give your brain that dopamine reward. 


As you continue to do this, you will stop salivating when you hear the bell ring. 


In other words, that situation that used to trigger an urge for you will no longer trigger an urge for you automatically.



It is so important that you understand this science about brains and how this process works.


If you want to learn HOW to do this in the most effective way possible, that’s what we do in the Chain Breaker Coaching Program (through Group or 1 on 1 Support).


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