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The Vision (What's Coming)

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021

You'll Want to Be a Part of This

The Vision (What's Coming)

That all men will have the tools to change and shape their minds to create whatever results they want, with unlimited possibility.

That all men will have the amount of control they want to have when it comes to their habits (porn).

That men will see and understand how much more satisfying, enriching, and sustaining life can be without false pleasures (porn).

That learning to control your habits (porn) becomes a rite of passage for men.

That no matter how loud the opposition (porn industry) screams, no matter how much they give away, men will know that they themselves have the power. And that porn itself (false pleasures) has no power.

That when men hear the word “pornography,” rather than be filled with shame/regret/embarrassment/avoidance, their bodies will experience sweeping feelings of pride, power, gratitude, confidence, love, strength, openness, and resolve.

That all who choose to will become the experts on how to not look at porn. That if a man wants to keep porn out of his life, he will have the tools and know how to do so.

That the power of thought work will sweep throughout the world. Bringing our outsides in line with our insides. Aligning our behavior with our values and convictions better than ever before. 

Allowing brotherly love to shine through to the earth better than ever before.

That all people will know that they are 100% worthy and lovable humans, always have been, and always will be, and there is nothing they can do to change that.

That greater than their desire to escape the full human experience with false pleasures (porn), men will have an outweighing desire to sustainably create, using their unique abilities.

That not looking at porn is seen as the more fun option.

That men will understand that love does not lie outside of themselves but within. That they will choose to experience unconditional love for themselves, not waiting for others to do it for them.

That men will know how to intentionally heal themselves and those around them, allowing them to stay engaged in the game of life, regardless of the injuries and wounds along the way. 

That those who desire can learn, and have the option, to genuinely enrich their lives.

That the very face of the earth will be transformed. That rather than habits of false pleasures (porn) being something that “people just do,” it becomes something that we know we don’t “need” or “have” to do.

That men will know how to manage their minds and their lives to make life so fulfilling that false pleasures (porn) become irrelevant.

That these ideas will be contagious and spread like wild fire.

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