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What to do when you're unsure if you're doing enough

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2023

First, clarify the results you are aiming for. What results are you creating by utilizing your current strategy?

Second, use all your best judgment and knowledge to this point to choose your strategy.

Third, while utilizing your strategy, along the way ask this question: “If I know that the results I want are happening, how do I approach this moment?”

Fourth, decide a time frame to utilize your strategy before you evaluate how it’s going (don’t do any evaluating or 2nd guessing unless it is the scheduled evaluation time)

Fifth, evaluate along the way, but not in reaction to your brain freaking out. Plan when you will evaluate, and release it when your brain wants to evaluate during the unscheduled time.

It’s time to decide to let yourself have the experience of doing “enough” along the way to reaching your goals.

This approach will help you move toward creating the results you want way more powerfully than 2nd-guessing yourself the entire way through whenever your brain feels like 2nd-guessing.

You can do this.

It is happening.


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