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When Trying to Motivate Yourself, Don't Do THIS!

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2024

When quitting an unwanted habit, or motivating yourself to reach a goal, don't use fear and hating on your current situation/behavior to motivate you.

Focus on creating something better for yourself.

Don't focus on building up in your mind how bad it is that you did that behavior again.

Focus on building your desire to better yourself and your life.

What takes you toward that.

Don't grow your hate for the current situation.

Instead, grow your desire for the better situation.

While accepting where you are at.

Next time you feel like giving in to an urge or quitting on your goal,

Repeat after me:

"There's something better for me."

Now stay curious, and find out what that is.


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I Don't Like Being Told Not to Talk About It

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2024

Disclosing my trauma: you know what I hated being told?

“Don’t talk about it.” “You’re being too sensitive.” “You’re overreacting.” “That doesn’t sound like as big a deal as you’re making it.”

Or the most heart-breaking one from a family member. “Don’t contact me anymore.” In other words, “if you’re going to talk about the abusive things this person did to you, I’m going to stop talking to you, but continue being around him (abuser).”

Almost felt like I was being blamed for the conflict that arose from this persons actions, just because I was talking about it.

It came to a point where I knew, even if I lost everyone important to me, I had to believe me. I had to make room for me to talk about it. I would not have survived it if I didn’t.

When I rejected my real experience, my body spoke up and my health suffered. When I believed and received myself, my body...

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Reclaim Your Life: Break Free from People-Pleasing Now!

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2024

Fathers, Are You Feeling Trapped by People Pleasing Habits?

The 30-Day People-Pleasing Detox to Recover From Narcissistic Abuse (or to simply practice taking a break from people pleasing) offers you the tools to break free and reclaim your happiness.

My new mini-course teaches you how to build strong boundaries, enhance your self-worth, and regain control of your life.

Join us today and start your transformation.

Click here now for more details.

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Would You Rather Look at Porn or Feel Anxiety?

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2024

If your answer was “look at porn,” then… (read below)

As long as this is your rule of operating, you will continue to go back to your porn habit.

One of the biggest reasons behind an unwanted porn habit is that people want to escape/numb/avoid their uncomfortable feelings (like anxiety), and they use porn to do it. Usually along with other things.

Out of this following list of feelings, which one would you be willing to feel instead of view pornography?

Depressed, insecurity, Fear, Frustration, worry, impatience, shame, self-doubt, angry, impatient, lonely, unsupported, grief, sadness, confusion, overwhelm, an urge for porn.

Remember, if it feels difficult to feel a feeling (which is how so many of us have learned to do it, so don’t beat yourself up about it), the part that is the most difficult is the resistance we have to feeling that feeling. 

Using and depleting willpower to resist feeling a feeling is the part that makes it feel so difficult. Not...

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Uncategorized May 17, 2024




As a family man and a professional, your time is precious, and your integrity, paramount.

Our free video training isn’t just about quitting porn—it’s about mastering control over your life, enhancing your relationships, and setting a proud example.

Discover practical, transformative techniques that respect your busy schedule and support your family values.

Access the Free Video Training now to start a new chapter of confidence and connection!

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How to Release Worry & Achieve Goals More Powerfully (with an Exercise You Can Try while reading)

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2024

Think of one of your most important goals, or desires, right now.

Something you want:

  • to achieve
  • to learn
  • to experience
  • to have
  • to bring into your life

Got it in your mind?


Now I want to ask you:

How much time do you spend worrying about this goal? (Answer in a percentage over a period of time. For example, one person’s response may be: “40% of the time over the last 2 weeks.”)


NOTE: If your answer is that you worry 0% of the time. And, if you are already in a state of

  • complete belief that it is possibe
  • complete belief that you are worthy of receiving/achieving this desire
  • complete trust that it is happening, coming your way

If you are a “yes” for these things I just listed, you can skip the remaining part of this email and rest assured that what you want is coming your way, in a way better than you can imagine. Just keep going.

Because your inner state of being affects your outer reality. If you don’t believe in unseen powers...

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Free Masterclass (Access Here): "How to Be Free From Pornography Without Willpower, Streak Counting, or Shame/Fear Tactics

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2024

Access the FREE Masterclass Now:

“How to Be Free From Pornography For Good without Willpower, Streak Counting, or Shame/Fear Tactics.”

Click here to access free masterclass NOW

This is the most free value I have given out for free in any one class/video.

Don't miss it.

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Disregulation or Conscious Consumption? Which One is it For You?

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2024

Overusing pornography has to do with buffering.

Buffering is to use something external to try to change how we feel internally. In other words, trying to escape uncomfortable feelings. 

It’s the perfect solution for an overstimulated society.


Many of us live inside a disregulated body and a racing mind. This is the result of compounding stress and trauma that leads to overstimulation.

Our culture doesn’t understand the nervous system. This just becomes our normal.


A majority of adults didn’t learn how to self soothe.

Self soothing is learned in our developmental years. 

These developmental years play the groundwork for how we cope with uncomfortable emotions and stress as adults. 


Porn becomes a normalized way of coping because it:

  •  increases dopamine (“feel good chemical”) in an unnatural, concentrated way
  •  distracts from uncomfortable emotions and the sensations of stress
  •  if joined with masturbation...
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Quit Pornography For Good Using This Scientific Experiment

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2024

To Effectively Quit Porn For Good, You Need to Understand This Scientific Principle


Okay, we’re talking about:

  1. Pavlov’s dogs
  2. Two parts of your brain to be aware of
  3. How to be both the scientist (trainer) and the dog


And even if you’ve heard of Pavlov’s Dogs before, I’m going to share with you a twist that a lot of you maybe haven’t heard.


This is a famous experiment that you’ll find in a lot of college text books, especially psychology books.


Pavlov is the name of a scientist who did this experiment with some dogs.


It’s about conditioned, or learned, behavior in the brains of dogs.


Side note: as humans, a simple way to think about it is that we have 2 parts of our brain involved: 

  • the lower part of our brain is kind of dog-like (very unconscious and automatic). 
  • And The upper part is the part that makes us human (conscious, where we think on purpose).


The Steps of the...

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Here's the True You

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2023

You are not your porn habit.


You can be worthy and view porn at the same time.


You can be whole and complete and view porn at the same time.


Who you truly are is something pornography cannot diminish or touch.


Porn is something you’ve experienced. It is not you.

If it is not you, then what does that mean for you?


It means: 

  • you can stop doing it. 
  • You can move beyond it. 
  • You can expand past it. 
  • You can grow through it. 
  • You can let it go of it. 
  • You can experience life without it.


You are forever. Porn is not.


You are always expanding and growing. Porn just sits there.


Your joy and worthiness can coexist with pornography.


It’s easier to let go of porn when you stop attaching it to your joy and worthiness.


If you are infinite and porn is just a temporary thing. What do you want your life to be?

What do you want your experience with (or without) porn to be from here on...

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